Good books and tea and taking time to connect.

I’ve noticed lately that though we spend a whole lot of time together, the kids and I, that just living under one roof,  working together on chores and lessons and regular everyday stuff, doesn’t guarantee that we are feeling connected to each other. Sometimes we are here, sharing space, but not really together. Not as much as we’d all like to be, anyway.

Some days feel busy and rushed.

Some days we are distracted by this or that, and even though we are all side-by-side in our little home, we are like a fleet of ships passing each other in the night.

(I’m not sure it that cliche holds up, since we are such a lot of busy, boisterous ships- this slipping past each other is done rather noisily, but still, it seems we do manage to get past each other now and then.)

And so I am thankful for Morning Tea Time.

This is something we started a few months ago, when things were feeling a little rocky in the Heartful Homeschool and we were needing more time together to just enjoy each other and be. We also discovered that sitting down and drinking tea, and having a little snack, was regrouping to all of us- including the toddler – who adored the ritual of sipping a milky drink with the big people.

Which gave this mama a free hand or two to sip tea and pull out the chapter book we had on the go. (That one we were moving so slowly through, because we didn’t have a set time to read it together.)

Morning Tea 2


I know how these things go. There is no way to know how long this little routine might last- or if it will still be working out for us next week, or even tomorrow, but right now, it is a real gift of connection. We’ve made our way through The Wizard of Oz, while sipping tea together- right through the Emerald gates and on to Kansas. We visited a mouse on a motorcycle too, and now we are  joining the adventures on board ship with Pippi Longstocking without spilling a drop of our rooibos.

okay. sometime we spill just a bit.

And laugh too. And cheer on the characters together, and enjoy each other’s company, and get on with our day with happier hearts.

Tea time helps when we’ve had a rough morning and we need some time to snuggle in and regroup.

It helps when the big energy of little boys gets a little out of hand (chamomile anyone?) and even on those glorious smooth days where things are just rolling merrily along- the time to reconnect after everyone has been off playing or working on projects- it is a good thing too.

These days, no matter how things are going, we gather for a cup of something warm and sweet and milky, and a good book together.

And that can only be a good thing.

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