Somehow, October is halfway over and the autumn is racing by. The weather has been variable- sun, rain, snow, wind. I can’t remember having snow this early, and we don’t have the winter tires on the car yet which makes me very nervous. But it seems to come and go still- a white wintery morning leading into a wet and drippy afternoon. Which is good because my head just can’t wrap itself around winter just yet. My skier boys however, cheer when the snow starts to drift down.


They waited all day for their Papa to have time for a snowball fight. By the time he did, most of the snow had melted, but that didn’t seem to stop them.


Homeschooling is still going really well. I am loving the simple little preschool routine I have going with Miss W. (I think I’m done with the fake names for my kids on this blog- it feels too weird. I’ll try using their first initials and see how that feels.) Just seasonal books I’ve gathered, some simple circle activities and a basic little craft or baking project. She is thrilled with her special time with Mama, and seems to be a lot more willing to play quietly while I work with the boys after she’s had this time. I have the winter books waiting in the wings for when the snow decides to really stay.

And she is actually going to a preschool out of our home this year, 2 mornings a week- a Reggio Emelia one that is just lovely, and that gives her some time to play and explore with kids her own age and not just be along for the ride with the big boys all the time, which is great. It is an adjustment for her and for me, but I think it is a good thing for everyone. Those mornings feel so quiet.


The big boy homeschool time is going very well. D is working on an Italy/St.Francis block after our visit to Assisi.  He is reading more and more and we are regularly being entertained by the joke book he got for his birthday. He just turned 8 which is rather hard for me to wrap my head around. Big, sweet boy of my heart.

He got a chemistry set for his birthday too. Much exciting experimenting going on.

The local geography block A. is working on is going so well. We’ve been pouring over maps, spending weeks learning about the local First Nations’ knowledge and understanding of the land, and working on a local animals project. A. chose the bald eagle to study and is working on a habitat diorama complete with clay eagle.


And our fiddling adventures continue with a big production planned for this year. And this adult learner just might be squawking her way through fiddle lessons of her own this year (gulp. I’m nervous every single time!)  Plus there is this weekly adult-only fiddle-and-wine social that is rather a lot of fun. It’s all pretty great.  september-21

I hope October is treating you all well, too, friends!



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