Good books and tea and taking time to connect.

I’ve noticed lately that though we spend a whole lot of time together, the kids and I, that just living under one roof,  working together on chores and lessons and regular everyday stuff, doesn’t guarantee that we are feeling connected to each other. Sometimes we are here, sharing space, but not really together. Not as much as we’d all like to be, anyway.

Some days feel busy and rushed.

Some days we are distracted by this or that, and even though we are all side-by-side

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for the Love of Homeschooling

Well, things have not been going quite as planned this homeschooling year. I started out with great, epic plans for how the year would look. I had the whole year mapped out for each of the boys in their separate grade level work, and schedules written up, and plans for how we would cover all of the curriculum. It was a beautiful thing! Story-rich, full of games and art to introduce

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