Getting our feet wet with

Over the past six weeks I have been doing some schooling along with my children, taking Lori Pickert’s Project Based Homeschooling master class. This class has been such a great experience- helping me to see our homeschool days in a new light, and to continue this constant process of  reshaping our homeschool style to best fit my ever-growing and changing little learners.

There have been so many realizations as I’ve worked through the readings and discussions, but the first one came within days of beginning the first assignment to take notes on my kid’s interests, activities, conversations etc through the day. I can’t say I’ve been doing a terrific job at remembering to do this, but the bits I have managed, have really helped me see the forest for the trees.

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Why being a


One of the things I hear most often when I am chatting with people and they find out we homeschool is “wow, I don’t think I could do that, but I guess it would be easier for you since you were already a teacher.”

I don’t have anything to say about who can and can’t do this homeschool thing- the choice is so big and personal, and really most days I wonder if I can do it either. But of the things that make this job easier, my training as a teacher would not be among them.

(I would currently count chocolate, texts to my wonderful husband for reassurance, long deep breaths while pretending to be digging through the supply basket, and gallons of hot tea.)

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finding our way text

This was the dream:

For my children to have an unhurried, play-filled, simple childhood.

For our family to be strong and healthy and connected.

For my children to be seen and celebrated for their true selves. To be taken seriously. To be listened to.

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13. 05. 2015

Cabin Notes

We are still in the midst of this glorious streak of summer-like weather and we are all blissed out on warmth and more vitamin D than our northern bodies know what to do with. I pulled out the summer clothes bins and I’ve been dressing Flora in nothing but sundresses and bloomers- in May!

may 2015-20

Often this time of year there is still a pile of grey snow left hiding in the shadows on the north side of the house and we still need to throw on the winter jackets after the sun goes down. This year we are making lemonade stands (the makeshift, cardboard box variety,)

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game for reluctant writers


On my recent mission to make our homeschool days a little lighter and less rigid I have been looking for ways to get my kids writing that are fun. I have always loved to write, and have boxes and boxes of journals  and stories and poems from my childhood and youth stored in our back barn to prove it (so much cringe-worthy stuff in there to be sorted through some day!) but my boys

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