mama collaborative

I was lucky enough to be asked some time ago to join a mama’s craft collaborative. A bunch of wonderful, creative mamas making beautiful things to sell in a shop together was a dream come true- except that I hadn’t made anything at all in more than a year. I’d packed up my yarn and my fabric.¬† I would pull out a pair of socks, or a hat, or a pair of pants I had made years ago for the boys and tell Flora “Mama made it!” and she would look at me funny- clearly wondering how on earth that was possible.

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08. 02. 2016


Cabin Notes

I know lots of people find February tough, but I it’s a month I don’t mind so much. Now March and April are a different story up here in the North, but February is alright. Winter hasn’t over-stayed its welcome quite yet. It still feels cozy to sit by the fire with a book, and there is often sun and good snow to play in. We sometimes get a little warm spell and the roads melt out and we get all hopeful for spring even if we know in our hearts it is still months away.

But then, perhaps I should not talk too soon. Most of these pictures were taken in January. But right now, I am at peace with the weather and the winter. Homeschooling is going really well. We are reading good books and spending time with friends. February, so far, is treating us very well.



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5 Reasons to get out in the woods with your friends


The summer is nearing an end and I’ve been thinking about that nature challenge we made this spring. In many ways I feel pleased with how much we did get out- bonfires and gardening and lake days and fort building- it was a summer with plenty of outside fun.

At the same time, there were a lot of projects keeping us indoors this summer- what began as a seemingly small task of moving the boys into their own rooms, turned into an epic endeavor that involved rearranging every room in our home

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Cabin Notes

Ah June- you are such a wild, dappled, whirlwind of a month. We love you, but we need to remind ourselves every time you come around that we must fasten our seatbelts and hold on tight to survive your sun-soaked, endless days.

june cabin note 8

Up here in the north, we really feel the changing of the light, and the length of the days. As we near solstice, we find  it is nearly impossible to get our kids to sleep at any sort of reasonable hour and there is a sort of giddy, sleepless fervor that overtakes our

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finding our way text

This was the dream:

For my children to have an unhurried, play-filled, simple childhood.

For our family to be strong and healthy and connected.

For my children to be seen and celebrated for their true selves. To be taken seriously. To be listened to.

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