When I realized we were parenting upside down

I started out this parenting journey equipped with armloads of books. Good books. Books about developing strong connections with children and building positive attachments. Books about how to set up a gentle, warm,  home environment. Books that each held some gem that I could take into my life with my kids. Books full of ideas I am grateful for.

But no matter how much I absorbed though books, or conversations with friends, or online forums or articles on attachment parenting and positive discipline, I still felt something was missing in our home. I loved the advice to build strong connections and to always give children empathy for their emotions.

I knew that the positive interactions should outweigh the negative, but I felt I was often drowning in all the things  we had to discuss and work through and debate and negotiate, the nagging and the power struggles- especially with my one little fireball who gives me lots of fodder for this kind of engagement.

But a couple months ago I came across an idea that was new to me from a source that was also new (I sort of though I’d read it all by now!)

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to the Brave-hearted Mamas who Keep on Keepin' on

I can’t lie to you all- it’s been a little rocky over here.

We are just pulling ourselves out of a rough patch that involved a fair amount of chaos, worry and tears. I am not going to go into all the details because it’s not fully my story to tell, but it affected me a whole heck of a lot, and our family and our homeschool, and my sleep and the state of our house and how little I’ve been able to make time for anything beyond the basics.

But you don’t need to know the details to know how this goes, right? You make some plans, and go on your merry way, and then something derails you- some big external thing or some big emotional thing, but certainly some big unexpected thing,

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19. 10. 2014


october  (22 of 25)

It’s been rainy here this last while- cool and wet with only short peeks of the sun between drizzle and torrential downpours. I don’t mind it, really. We’ve been getting out in it most days, and inside we are warm and busy with our days. There seems to be a lot  that is shifting and changing right now- new projects, new plans, new

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crater lake resized-1

This weekend we finally found our way back into the mountains. We had only the vaguest of “family time” plans for Equinox Sunday, but when the day dawned bright and beautiful we pulled out our stack of local maps and notes on hiking trails and decided on a trip into the hills. The boys are big enough now to move up a mountain on their own steam, and they were excited to do it, and babygirl is still pretty portable and her chubby little self adds

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