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Ah June- you are such a wild, dappled, whirlwind of a month. We love you, but we need to remind ourselves every time you come around that we must fasten our seatbelts and hold on tight to survive your sun-soaked, endless days.

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Up here in the north, we really feel the changing of the light, and the length of the days. As we near solstice, we find  it is nearly impossible to get our kids to sleep at any sort of reasonable hour and there is a sort of giddy, sleepless fervor that overtakes our lives for a few weeks until we start to feel the light waning a little. Don’t get me wrong, June is glorious, it is just a wee bit manic too. We love you, crazy June.

This month our wee girl turned 2! Goodness me, what a fast 2 years that has been! And yet, it seems she has always been here with us, bringing such joy and cheerful sweetness to our lives. We had a small party for her with family and friends which was quite lovely. I fell in love with this cake when I saw it months ago and decided to make a “cabin in the woods” version using toys we had around (except that tiny tea set, I picked that up here.) I have been finding those little animals and teacups all over the house ever since! Oh baby girl, we love you so!

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We were uncertain if we would grow much of a garden at all this year, the last two years we have not kept up with it and the weeds were starting to take over. We decided to cover most of it this year and just keep a very small little plot and I am enjoying it so much again. I think we had just taken on more than we could manage and it had stopped being fun. We planted late, but still, there are some things growing out there, and I am loving the morning routine of watering and tending the little green space.

We kept one bed unplanted for kid-play which was a good decision. There has been a whole lot of this in here lately. Three happy siblings covered in mud. What could be better?

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And what else? There were soccer tournaments and music recitals, homeschool parties and BBQs and lego car races at the town fair. There were lake days, and bonfires and baking projects and solstice wreaths for the door. There was the starting of the first Harry Potter book with my oldest boy, and then ordering in this book for the younger brother who felt left out of the magical-book rite of passage. There was a “raft day” where a bunch of homeschool boys organized themselves to build and float rafts at the lake.

We just sort of petered out on homeschooling and I’ve decided I am good with that. I had some optimistic plans to continue some of our work through the summer and realized that what we all needed more than math practice or reading lessons was a good long break. So we will pack up the books and let our learning be light and easy and sunshiney and mostly out-of-doors.

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I hope June has been a good one for you all!



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