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Hello! Thank you for joining me here!

I am Taisa-  I  live with my family in a cabin in the mountains of northern Canada where we homeschool, walk in the woods, and grow our weedy little garden.  I am a mama of three, a partner, teacher, writer, photo taker, book hoarder and nature lover.

I am passionate about holistic education, and have been on a long journey searching for authentic, creative, connected, whole-hearted ways to education children. Lately, this journey has led me to homeschool my own children, and the quest for rich and inspiring education continues and evolves constantly under our roof and in my own heart.

In this space I write about learning- from nature, from stories, from a child’s own heart and interests. And I write about parenting and homeschooling and other impossible and beautiful things.

Thanks for stopping by- I love hearing from you!  You can find me on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram or send me an email at heartfullearning@gmail.com.


And just for the record, my children’s real names are not Starr, Ocean, and Flora- though I am almost as in love with their blog names as their real ones!