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I was lucky enough to be asked some time ago to join a mama’s craft collaborative. A bunch of wonderful, creative mamas making beautiful things to sell in a shop together was a dream come true- except that I hadn’t made anything at all in more than a year. I’d packed up my yarn and my fabric.  I would pull out a pair of socks, or a hat, or a pair of pants I had made years ago for the boys and tell Flora “Mama made it!” and she would look at me funny- clearly wondering how on earth that was possible.

A few years ago when I was making things all the time, I would have jumped into such a venture with no reservation, but in the meantime I had decided that my creative energies were better spent with writing and creating resources and such.

We had also moved things around in our little home to allow the boys to have their own space, and in doing so, the craft nook I’d had for years became the office/homeschool supplies storage nook. I hadn’t really missed it. Or I didn’t know I’d missed it anyway.

So when I was asked to join this group I was torn. It was such a terrific opportunity, and I’ve known some of the mamas for many years and I knew they would be wonderful to work with. But I still wanted to be writing.

But the writing projects I’d been tackling kept fizzling out part way through, weighted down by all my agonizing and expectations.  It was full of fits and starts, and self- doubt and deliberation. I wasn’t having much fun and I wasn’t getting very far.

mama collaborative

But I started to remember that crafting  for me, had just been pure fun.  Though I wanted writing more, crafting was satisfying and creatively fulfilling. There was a clear beginning and end. I didn’t have a bunch of expectations and baggage around it.

I think I had forgotten- when I packed up my craft supplies and hauled them out to the back shed- just how much joy it brought me to make things with my own two hands.

So just a few days ago after talking out my angsty self-doubt-ish-ness about my writing projects with Perry, I sat down and thought it through, and realized I was trying too hard to separate out my creative worlds.

I want to make things. With words, with fabric, with paper, with thread- it doesn’t so much matter the medium. And one does not supersede the other. I can make any sort of thing I feel like making. There is no rule-book for the makers of things. And so I pulled the bins back out.

mama collaborative

I got a little giddy there in my pile of fabric, sorting through to find the right prints for the little toddler bags. I had forgotten. Making stuff is good. Worrying about what it all means, and who I am as a creative person was holding me back, ironically, from being a creative person. I just needed to get to work.

So I am going to be part of this lovely group of women who make lovely things. We will have a little Etsy shop and we will sell the things we make. It is all rather exciting.

And our shop opens in just a few short days!

We have our grand opening on March 1st- and looking through the items that these talented mama’s have been making is pretty exciting. Please come by and check out our Etsy shop this Tuesday!



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(and in case you are wondering, yes, I am still writing. Or I will be, once I move the sewing machine off the office desk and find a spot for the fabric bins.)


6 responses to “New things, and finding the creative spark”

  1. spiritmama says:

    Good for you. So happy for you. Just attended a TEDx talk that encouraged all of us to put aside the self doubt that is holding us back and get on with it. Your post is so apropos for me. Can’t wait to see the lovely items in the shop.

    • Taisa says:

      Thanks so much, Spiritmama- that sounds like a great talk. It seems like something I need to remind myself of over and over!

  2. juliana says:

    Sounds like an exciting realization, and a subtle, yet important shift in thinking and approaching all the pieces of life! Good luck!

  3. Jeanette says:

    I am a new reader – came here from Mothering with Mindfulness. I love your writing and hope that you haven’t stopped. I see that there hasn’t been an entry since February and that it only means a little break.

    You are an insightful writer, and as a fellow art/crafter, mother, etc I appreciate your perspective immensely

  4. Williamnank says:

    Very good forum post. Really Great. Abriola

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